If you would like to use your Easy Grade Pro gradebook on computers at both school and home, this section is for you. It explains how to transfer your gradebook from one computer to another using a USB flash drive, even if the computers are of different platforms (Macintosh and Windows).
Using an Easy Grade Pro gradebook at two locations is similar to using a paper gradebook at two locations: in both cases, you have to move the gradebook back and forth. There is, however, a fundamental difference that can cause problems if you’re not careful. When transferring an Easy Grade Pro gradebook, you’ll be leaving behind a copy so that both computers have identical gradebooks at first. Once you make changes to one of the gradebooks, it becomes your current one turning the other into nothing more than a recent backup. Be careful to work only with the current gradebook and to transfer it before working at a different location. Otherwise, you may find yourself with two gradebooks in which neither is current forcing you to retype data into one of them.

You may be tempted to use your gradebook directly from a USB flash drive to avoid this problem. We don’t recommend this because flash drives are slower than hard drives. Also, if you accidentally pull out the flash drive too early, you risk damaging your gradebook.
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