Keeping students and parents regularly informed about classroom performance can be one of the most beneficial tasks that a teacher can perform. It can also be time-consuming and costly. By using Easy Grade Pro’s emailing tools, this task can become quick and inexpensive. Easy Grade Pro allows you to email student progress reports directly to students and parents without any need for a dedicated email program.

In order to email, you’ll need two things: 1) email addresses of students, parents, or guardians, and 2) access to an SMTP (email) server that supports the most common protocols for emailing. In many cases, you can use the SMTP server that you use for emailing at school or at home. Unfortunately, the free email services likely won’t work; they are typically limited to encourage people to switch to fee-based services. Fortunately, there are numerous inexpensive services available. Visit for our current recommendations. Although not required, we strongly recommend that you use a high-speed internet connection so that the emails can be sent quickly.

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