Why You Should Have a Backup Plan

Anyone who has used a computer for long knows that computers are susceptible to all sorts of problems: software conflicts, corrupted memory, damaged disks, network glitches, hardware breakdowns, user errors and more. Problems may be inevitable but their damaging effects can be minimized if one has a good backup plan in place and it is followed without exception.
Many computer users maintain only a single backup copy. This is risky behavior! If the backup is stored on the same computer as the original, both files could be lost if the hard drive crashes or the computer is stolen. Even if the backup is stored apart from the original, there could be problems if the backup was made after an undetected problem occurred.
If you have responsibility for reporting student data to others, there will be times during the year in which you must have access to your Easy Grade Pro data. Imagine a problem occurring during one of those times... if you follow a good backup plan, the solution will be painless.
In the next section, we present a plan for making and managing backups of your gradebook data. You are strongly encouraged to follow this plan or some other comprehensive plan for securing your gradebook data.