You can have up to 20 tools on a tool bar in an Easy Grade Pro gradebook. To add one of the tools below to the tool bar, press and hold on an unused tool or press on an empty tool location on the tool bar. From the menu that appears, choose the desired tool.

Add Assignment
Opens the Records window to the first empty assignment record.
Opens the Import window.
Add Furniture
Adds a piece of furniture tot he seating chart.
Opens a window where reports can be prepared for posting on the web.
Add Student
Opens the Records window to the first empty student record.
Lock Gradebook
Locks the gradebook and opens the Lock window.
Auto-Fill Attendance Scores
Replaces blank scores on a selected assignments with special scores based on attendance marks entered on the same dates.
Next Class
Switches to the next class in the current term.
Change Scores
Changes all occurrences of a certain score to another score.
Next Term
Switches to the next term of the current class.
Class Options
Opens a window where class options can be edited.
Opens a window where reports can be printed.
Copy Class Data
Copies selected students, assignments and options to other classes.
Prior Class
Switches to the prior class in the current term.
Curve Scores
Opens a window where the distribution of scores can be changed.
Prior Term
Switches to the prior term for the current class.
Deletes the selected scores, students, assignments, furniture, etc.
Restricted Access
Turns the RA mode on or off.
Export Attendance
Exports one day's attendance data to a text file over a network.
Opens a window with class, student, assignment, and standard records.
Opens the Export window.
Rotate Seat
Rotates the selected furniture 90° clockwise.
Fill Across
Repeats the selected data across a row to the last column.
Save Copy
Makes a backup copy of the current gradebook.
Fill Down
Repeats the selected data down a column to the last row.
Score Note
Opens a window where text can be entered about a score.
Opens a window where search text can be entered.
Sorts students, assignments and seats based on the current chart.
Find Again
Finds the next matching student or assignment.
Opens a window with extensive summaries.
Opens the in-context Help window.
Reverses the last action.