FAQ: Email and Internet

I've emailed reports successfully but some receivers explain that they can't view them. How come?

Easy Grade Pro’s email reports use HTML to make them more readable, professional-looking and attractive. Most email programs will have no trouble displaying them. In some cases, a user might turn off HTML in their email program and so won’t be able to view the report. In other cases, a user might have an email program that is too old to display HTML. In anticipation of this, Easy Grade Pro’s report emails include an alternate message to be displayed to minimize confusion...
“This student grade report is in HTML format. Since your email program does not understand this format, you will not be able to view it. Please inform the sender.”

If a person reports this to you, advise them to try to turn on HTML in their email program or switch to a newer one.

I've imported passwords. Why aren't they showing up?

It is possible to import student passwords from roster files into Easy Grade Pro gradebooks. However, if the password is not at least six characters in length, Easy Grade Pro will discard it. Passwords below this minimum are substantially easier to hack; that’s why Easy Grade Pro won’t accept them.

How can I ensure that I don't compromise the privacy rights of my students?

For the greatest security, we recommend that you either turn off the Include Student Title Data option or that you set the Student Identifiers option to Omit for Security. This will help ensure that, even if a report is hacked, the identity of the student will remain unknown.

Why don't I see an index.html page in each folder?

When creating Website reports, Easy Grade Pro will remind you to name the main file as index.html. However, Easy Grade Pro does not force you to use index.html in case your school wants you to use something else. If you changed this name either by accident or on purpose, then Easy Grade Pro will remember this name and reuse it the next time. To change it back, go through the steps to create website reports and change the name back to index.html.

Why am I getting an Email Server is not responding properly error message when I attempt to email reports?

This message can appear when you attempt to email student reports. Here are the most likely causes:
  • Email Setup Options may not be set up properly. Click here for help with setting these up.
  • Internet security software on your computer may be blocking Easy Grade Pro. If you use internet security software that restricts which programs can access the internet, be sure to set it to permit Easy Grade Pro to access the internet.
  • The SMTP server may not support the most common authentication types, it may require a computer with an certain IP address (i.e. a school computer) or only allow emails from certain types of programs. In this case, it will likely not be possible to send emails to this SMTP server from Easy Grade Pro.
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