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Easy Grade Pro saves automatically. What does this mean?

Like many programs that deal with large amounts of data, Easy Grade Pro automatically saves your changes while you work. When you switch classes, switch charts, choose most menu commands or even pause for a few moments, you trigger Easy Grade Pro’s save feature, causing it to write changes to your gradebook file.

In Easy Grade Pro’s File menu, there is no Save command; you never manually save your work. However, there is a Save Copy command and, when you close a gradebook, there may be a prompt for saving a copy. It is highly recommended that you make copies of your gradebook but keep in mind that these are copies -- they should never be used unless something happens to make your original gradebook unusable.

My gradebook's name is 'Copy of copy of...'. What's going on?

If you have a gradebook with a ‘Copy of copy of...’ in its name, it means you are opening and using your backup copies instead of your main gradebook. A backup copy of a gradebook is like an insurance policy -- it’s something that you hope you never have to use. Don’t get your gradebook and its backup copies confused, and don’t work on a backup of your gradebook unless there is a good reason.

I've combined terms but the prior-term grades or attendance data in reports are wrong. How do I fix this?

This problem occurs if you change grades or attendance marks in a prior-term class after you’ve combined its data with your current-term class. To fix this, choose Term Tools->Recombine Terms from the Tool menu. This will copy the changed data to your current-term class.

I need to print reports that show grades from multiple terms but I don't want the grades to be combined to form a multi-term overall grade. What do I do?

Choose Term Tools->Combine Terms from the Tool menu. In the Term view of the Class Options window, combine your terms using weights, but set the term weights to 100% for the current term class and 0% for all the prior-term classes.

I have to include a weighted final exam. What do I do?

When a final exam must be weighted with one or more other terms, the final exam should be treated in the same way as the other terms. As an example, you might set up your terms in the Records window as follows: Semester 1, Semester 2 and Final Exam. Your Final Exam will actually be a separate class within your gradebook. From within the Final Exam Class, you might set the combine term options as follows: Semester 1 - 40%, Semester 2 - 40% and Final Exam - 20%. The overall grades will be found in the Final Exam Class.

How can I check the calculations for one of my students?

The Summaries window can help you check all the calculations that go into computing the overall grade for a student. To open this window, double-click on the student’s row number and select Student Grades from the Type menu. Under the Options tab, turn on the Show Chart option. For a related topic, see FAQ: How is a student’s overall grade calculated?.

Can Easy Grade Pro be networked?

Because servers are generally slower and less reliable than the hard drives attached directly to computers, we recommend that you install Easy Grade Pro directly to each computer and not to a server.
Easy Grade Pro for Macintosh can be installed to a server using the standard installation instructions. Easy Grade Pro for Windows can also be installed to a server but you will need to copy the ProductID key (at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SOFTWARE \Microsoft\Windows \CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Easy Grade Pro) to each workstation before the program can be used. Otherwise, Easy Grade Pro will display an error message that it has not been properly installed.

Why am I getting an error message when I try to register Easy Grade Pro?

If you are getting an error message after you type in the number and name, it is most likely due to a permissions problem.Your computer may be blocking Easy Grade Pro’s attempt to save this information because your login account doesn’t have a high enough permissions level. The solution is to log in to the computer using the computer’s administrators account just long enough to enter the number and name.

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